The Spiritual Opiate

Dawn, Al Khaimah Tented Villas, Banyan Tree Al Wadi, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

The self (ego) is the strongest and most powerful opiate.  It never ceases to enchant, charm, seduce and trick.  Its nature is cunning, ever ready to pounce on the unsuspecting.  But like the shadow its existence is only an illusory cast of the Self.  When our back is towards the sun, the shadow seems very real.  By turning around and embracing knowledge the shadow is unseen.  We are aware it is still there but it resumes its true nature of being illusory.  Wisdom sets you free from the illusory and the unseen.

Just recognise that in every action, non-action, thought, thoughtlessness, all have the potential to become an opiate for the mind.  The last trick the illusionist can play and final amount of opiate to feed you is that of the self.  This is the ultimate illusion.

Be aware that the charm of embracing the self can easily be confused with feelings. With this realisation the soul begins the agonising journey of the ‘dark night’.  When emerging from it you can only see the illusionist hand at play.

When on the Path the World will do everything it can to prevent you from walking on it. Just recognise the ‘hooks’ that catch you.

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