What is Doubt?

The doubt that can shake you to your very core and make you question everything is just
an illusion.  The feeling can be very real but it is just a sensation.  Do you see this?  ‎When we begin to look for proof just see where this is coming from.  It is usually the tail-end of doubt.  We only doubt the positive–that is the nature of the mind.  When we look into this doubt, we can either choose: “It is like this” or “It is not like this” … that of acceptance or non-acceptance.

In doubt, our feelings can become feverish–a sense of lacking and needing–driving us into further doubt.  Would our actions be stronger?  Just observe this carefully.  Instead of seeing your doubt as ‘lacking or needing something’ turn this around to ‘it has all this
potential’.  Then notice the difference in your mind.

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