Steadiness in Expectation

Inherent in every expectation is a value judgement.  These values based on our perception of the moment are influenced by our environment and experience.  In expectation conflict arise because it comes from the head.  What can be proved can also be disproved.  It is open to interpretation.

Even if we are all faced with the same situation our environment and experience can be different.  When biting into the same apple each bite tastes different.  Then how can our perception of a situation be the same for others?  Do you see this?

Our expectations of others, situations and ourselves can entrap us in the situation we are wanting to be free from.  It is a very subtle form of attachment.

Notice also if your expectation is being confused with vision and goal.  Expectation is result driven.  Vision and goal are markers with many paths to get there.

We all have expectations the skill is not to lose your steadiness over them.

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