Rituals, Belonging and Knowledge

The rituals we subscribe to are there only to evoke a sense of belonging, a taste of the infinite.  They allow us to move from a feeling of separation to unity (inclusiveness).  Yet like a diving platform, we have a choice in its use.  It can be a perceived freedom, where we only keep bouncing on it without ever diving off.  Or it can be real freedom, where we spring on it and dive into the depth of consciousness.

Similarly when we look at Life we can only compare it to ‘living’ as expressing the form.  The essence of Life is omnipresent it can manifest itself infinitely.  Do you see now that everything is just expressing the same infinity?

Unless we can drop the identity we cannot merge with the infinite.  Yet we need an identity to drop also.  Observe closely that the identity is only describing the form and not the essence.  This essence can only be experienced like ‘sweetness’.  We cannot describe the taste of ‘sweetness’ but only compare it to the form it takes.

Go beyond the conditioning of rituals and instead see them as expressing belonging and a step towards unconditional acceptance.  Reflect on this, it is very subtle.

We create and maintain so many rituals for a sense of belonging or community.  The very same rituals used to unite often become a crutch and bondage too.  But if we take a broader perspective these rituals are like diving platforms for us to go deeper into consciousness to experience its singularity.

Going deep into knowledge is like diving into experience.  It is like immersing yourself into water when swimming.  Do you experience any separation between yourself and the water when swimming?  No it all becomes part of you.  That is the experience and feeling of totality.  Notice too that it is very quiet, in silence.  Just  observe this phenomenon.

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One Response to Rituals, Belonging and Knowledge

  1. bji says:

    Dear Tim,
    Lovely:-) when is your next knowledge session….would like to attend
    best regards

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