The Present Moment: It(‘)s Past and Future

The present moment determines your future.  So be in the totality of the moment.  Destiny is when you can begin to accept that the present moment is determined by all past actions.  But notice how the intellect and ego reacts to this very thought.  There is usually resistance.  That is alright.  Just see why it is happening and again be in the totality of the moment.

Even when we observe our experiences, the mind remains active.  The skill is to drop the mind when observing experiences and to recognise everything is just a happening.

How? Relax and know you are not in control.

Just observe your attachments.  They are just an expression of your Chita (mind).  Observe closely how your sense of identity becomes the anchor of all your attachments.

Drop all identities and be free now!

Dispassion/Detachment is letting go of all results while participating and experiencing the totality of that very moment.

Even when letting go be 100%.

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2 Responses to The Present Moment: It(‘)s Past and Future

  1. victor says:

    Is this yr own writing or did you plagiarize it from other source?

    • Timothy Wong says:

      Dear Victor,
      Thank-you for taking the time to write to me.
      Yes, these are my own writings reflecting the experience and insights I have along the spiritual journey.
      I suspect it may sound similar to other people’s reflections because the inner Source is Universal.
      My style of expression may also be similar to my Master and Inspiration, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
      But no I do not intentionally copy/plagiarize from other sources since this would be their experience and not mine.
      I hope this answers your question and thanks for reading and asking.
      Loads of Love and Jai Guru Dev!

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