Always Playing the Merchant


Arabic and Persian Confectionary at Vivel Patisserie, Dubai, UAE

Just notice how our mind likes playing the merchant.

Like the merchant selling wares in the market, he would present all types of choices, sizes, colours and variations of all sorts.

By promoting all the positive aspects of each item, he is in fact highlighting the negative aspects of everything else.  We think he is helping but really only bringing more confusion while ever remaining true to being the Illusionist.

Like the unsuspecting shopper we weigh the pros and cons, ever falling deeper into the Illusionist’s charm.  Only when we are utterly confused would the Illusionist be satisfied.

We are searching for better choices to hopefully land the best.  But have you noticed we often don’t know what it is!  Do you see this?

How many times have we gone shopping for an item and ended up with several different ones or even none?

This is when we are not clear on what we really need but only think we know what we want.  Do you see this?

What is the best?  When we are not clear about the best how can we know the better choices?  Do you see this?  We are only really fooling ourselves.

To realise what is the best we have to begin to know who we are first.

If we don’t know who we are how can we even begin to recognise what we need?

The Illusionist is only satisfied when we are preoccupied because it keeps his magic weaving and sadly for us we stay in an endless search.

For many of us we get swallowed up in this ceaseless searching hoping to find the better choice to land the best.

Our quest in searching for a better choice to land the best actually takes us away from ourselves, our goals.  Have you noticed this?  If it has brought you closer to yourself, your goal, congratulations!  Now what?!

It is this very search that prevents us from finding the best.  That is why we are never satisfied no matter how successful we may become in this World.

Finding the best we have to stop and consider.  Consideration is to see how meaningful it really is to me.  To do this we must have clarity and confidence in knowing who we really are.

Stop, reflect and look into the deeper existence of who you are.

Only self-knowledge will set you free.

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