Seeking on the Path

Sultan's Palace Forecourt, Oman

Whenever we doubt the connection we begin to search.  But have you noticed we do the searching outside ourselves?  Just look inside and realise the connection has always been there and never left you.

Does the seeking ever end?  Yes.  When you become aware of the subtlest seeking is continuing you are then very close.  Seeking does not end in devotion.  Devotion is the beautiful expression of conscious seeking or seeking with inner awareness.  It is the blossoming of the consciousness on a chosen path.  Rather see who is the one seeking and full of devotion.

When on the Path, tears that come are born only in gratitude.  There is no sadness or fear.  No blame or regret.  Recognise your true nature, your own Self.  Know that there is no beginning, no evolution, no end.  No start, no journey, no finish.  You are complete.  That is it.  There is no birth, no life, no death.  You are the Totality.  You are Everything.  God is You.  Awaken!  Behold the Truth!

Have faith that even your most mundane wishes are taken care of by the Divine.

All experiences are just preparing us to sing our own Gita.

Recognise the purpose of Knowledge is to free and not bind you.  If Knowledge is expressing the Truth then you become free.  But if it binds and restricts you a concept is only being expressed.

When you recognise that you are here to give in this Life and not take then you become free.

Do not wait for a trigger point for your Happiness because it is there already … YOU!

Recognising and experiencing your vastness makes everything else a happening.

We all carry a very beautiful message of Love inside of us.  Just recognise this and be happy.

Recognize this entire Creation is here for one purpose: to glorify your existence.

Look back and see how much you have progressed.  Do not feel bad if you could have been better.  It is only showing how much more you can be and truly are.  Recognise this is also
progress.  Be grateful and thankful to all teachers that have come into your life.

See beyond all feelings and recognise that you are deeply connected.  You always have been.

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