Details of a chair back with inlaid mother-of-pearl

This entire Universe is just a pattern.  When you recognise this you realise that everything around you is just a pattern.  Our actions, thoughts, behaviours, emotions and feelings are all just patterns.  Amongst all living beings we are the only ones with the ability to recognise and change them.  But have you noticed many of us keep following patterns without even being aware of it?

We live our lives following patterns of wanting to achieve something.  Whether this is success, happiness, advancement, whatever it be there follows a pattern.  Many a times we believe we have found and changed the pattern.  But really we have only changed the colour.  The pattern remains the same.  Just look back at the times we have changed jobs or repeated something.  We are still trapped in a cycle of patterns.

Recognising patterns is an important step on the Path.  By recognising patterns we are able see the non-doership in this entire creation and eventually free ourselves from samsara.

Many a times when we experience our own expansive and complete nature we get caught in its pattern too.  It is the experience itself that becomes a pattern.  Especially on the Path and in meditation there arises very subtle patterns.  Whether you call these concepts, patterns, expectations, experiences, affirmations, they all prevent you from progressing deeper.

The irony is that recognising patterns is a pattern in itself.  It is a very subtle form of maya because it still has an inherent identity.

The skill is to shift the attention from recognising the pattern to becoming the space between that allows us to see the pattern.

This leap can only take place in Silence.

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