Recognise the Confusion between the Changing and Non-Changing

Our attachment to the temporary yields the miseries we experience.  Just look back and see the numerous times we have invited misery because of this pattern.  Misery sprouts not simply from moments of anguish but also in times of celebration.  They all create fertile breeding ground for desires and aversions.

When our attention is on the temporary the results will also be temporary because that is its nature.  Do you see this?  We invite misery when we are unable to let go of the temporary.

Our search for the permanent and non-changing cannot be found in the temporary.  How can it?  But it can direct us towards the permanent and non-changing.

Why is there an innate attraction to the permanent and non-changing?  It is because our very nature and being is permanent and non-changing.  Many a times we confuse the impermanent and the changing with the permanent and the non-changing.  We confuse Life (our existence) with living which is its expression–like a pattern.  When this is recognised we experience a shift in our perception of the World–a shift in our consciousness.

Before this recognition we have an expectation of the World; where the amount of effort we put in will yield the same experience.  This is how we relate and come to understand the World; through the senses and the body involving doing and effort yielding a result, an ending.

Just consider this: everything that is temporary is inherently so because it has a result, an ending.  That essentially is what makes it temporary.  But we often confuse that something with an ending, result should also bring a sense of completion and peace although experience can tell us otherwise.

How can something whose nature is temporary bring any sense of totality that is permanent and non-changing?  Our confusion from not recognising the nature of our ever changing expressions and non-changing being railroad us into attachment to the temporary.

Both experiences of the changing and the non-changing complement and give value to each other.  The skill is to recognise this complementary relationship without identifying with it.  Identifying with the causal relationship is also a temporal experience of cause and effect.

By all means learn from every experience but also remember to let go.  Our misery begins when we remain attached to our experiences-good and bad.

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