Knowing Our Heart

Heart on the lawn of the Berliner Dome, Berlin, Germany

We encase our own Heart without even knowing it.  Our concepts, expectations, memories, habits, thoughts and experiences often overshadow and blanket our connection to the Heart.  We do not really know our own Heart.

Just look back at the many success and achievements we experience–are they not temporary?  Are they not conditional?

We may have material testaments to them but even that sense of completion is short-lived, conditional, further propelling us to search for more success and achievements.  It can be never-ending.

Success, achievements, and even failures are all situations to enables us to express our creativity, dynamism and depth.  They have their function.

But notice we often confuse their function as a direct expression of who we are.

How can the manifest and conditional truly express the totality of the unmanifest and unconditional?  Our wanting for more is because we have not experienced our true infinite, unconditional Self.  When we confuse our expressions as being that of our infinite and unconditional Self we can never be satisfied or complete.

Every expression and experience is only a partial and temporary representation.  There lies the seed of confusion for wanting more to complete the whole.

No experience can ever express our totality because our infinite nature is simply unconditional.  Do you see this?

We unknowingly encase our Heart through confusion.  We place the infinite and unconditional into the finite and conditional.  We have not better understood and experienced our Self but only fueled more confusion.

Recognise the complementary existence between our experiences and the Heart but don’t get caught in the experiences.  If we do, it is like admiring the nature and potential of electricity only through an appliance.

How can we truly come to know our Heart when it is encased?  Free yourself by knowing your Heart.

No matter how successful we are the sense of satisfaction and contentment is never long-lasting if we do not know our own Heart.

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