Moving Beyond Our Feelings

For the spiritual aspirant the focus is very much on the experience and not the reasoning.

But quite often we get confused on the feeling level between our emotions, sensations and sensitivity. Recognise that they present the subtle aspects and experience of our feelings.

When we first experience our awakening to the Truth it is very much on the emotional level. As we continue further on the Path we become aware that it is all just sensations. It is still a continuing inward journey.

Then a subtle transformation occurs when we drop the search for feelings in our practices and become sensitive to this entire Creation.

It may seem like an evolving experience which it is. But be mindful that it is also a revolving experience until that subtle transformation occurs into the sensitivity. This sensitivity is when we begin to repose in the Source.

The spiritual aspirant’s experiences begin with an identity–a sense of separation–where the union (yoga) brings so much fulfillment and gratitude. Be mindful that our experiences of emotions and sensations come through the context of an identity. Identity is that sense of separation that can either drive or derail us in the quest for yoga and the totality. Our dharma will influence our search for this experience.

When you repose in the Source there is no ‘identity’ because this very understanding is just a concept and an identity too!

At the Source the experience can only be described through likeness (analogy) because it is a very special and personal experience yet also universal.  This moment of being in the Truth is where the experience, experiencing and the one experiencing are one.

This explanation also has its limitations because it is coming from a context.  That is why experiencing the Source, Self, God, Divinity, Consciousness, Infinity or whatever description it may take is truly beyond all understanding.

Reflect on this insight and may it help germinate and fuel the seed of transformation from self-awareness to self-realisation to self-actualisation.  Jai Guru Dev!

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  1. Rashelle Reid says:

    Great post. Shared on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter please stop by and say hi @rashellereid

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