Our Quest for Liberation is an Epic Journey

35,000 ft above the South China Sea

Our quest for liberation is an epic journey.

We search for the destination without knowing where it is basing on hearsay.  Along the way there will be many guides.  Some taking you directly whiles others on detour.

The journey will pass through every landscape.  There are mountain ranges and ridges to cross, valleys and ravines to pass.  There will be sun blessed meadows blanketed with flowers and soft grass as well as desert and swamps to go through.  There will be oceans to cross, seas to navigate and storms to weather.

There will be villages and towns along the way offering rest to the weary.  Some will pass them because they have visited and rested there before.  Others may rest briefly and continue on their way.  Some even settle since it offers a sense of destination but this is also in passing.  The inner calling cannot be silenced for long.  The quest will continue.

Sometimes the journey may seem a long way from home.  Sometimes it is indeed.  At other times we may feel at home wherever we are full of contentment and love.  These feelings are all part of the experience for the seeker.

We may meet companions along the way, sharing tales, experiences and provisions together.  But we still have to carry ourselves along the journey with or without a steed.

That fabled destination we seek is an experience.  The journey is an experience and so is the quest.  But across all these experiences there is only one who experiences it all.

The journey is the destination and the destination is also the journey.

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