O Silent Night, O Holy Night

This is the first Christmas without my father.  It is a time of mixed feelings.

Our family celebrated both Chinese and Anglo traditions.  The Christmas period always held a special place since two important festivals for family reunion and celebration takes place: Winter Solstice and Christmas, which features prominently on the Chinese and Anglo Calendars’ respectively.

I would remember the preparations our servants would engage in every year under the instructions of my mother along with the repeated dramas and angst!

Nevertheless, we would fervently celebrate the Chinese Winter Solstice, Christmas and the New Year with much fanfare, celebration, indulgence and over eating.

So you could imagine the festivities and celebration that took place, the food, colour, presents, aromas, sharing, ball-gowns and jewels that would sparkle and shimmer brilliantly, intensifying the rich experience that was already over saturated by the festivities.

When I look back at these memories one can’t help but get sentimental.  And when you observe the feelings it does bring warmth and fond memories of familial belonging and love.

This Christmas is a silent one.

The celebration continues outside this household.  But it is also the most meaningful Christmas I’ve had.  What I thought could be a sense of lacking this festive season is full of gratitude and grace.

The lesson is not so much in the experience but rather in the spirit of its meaning.  Beyond the festive partying and celebrations, giving and receiving, recognition and belonging, there is only one who is experiencing it all.

This Silent Night is indeed a Holy Night because the spirit of its meaning is that very oneness.

Wishing You All A Very Blessed Christmas and New Year!

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