Security in Life, Security in Living

What do we see as security? Take a moment to consider this closely.

Does security only entail prevention, protection, predictability? How is it experienced and expressed? Is it just maintaining comfortable habits and behaviours?

When we condense security to its core, we find that it is essentially our attempts to manage risk and the unknown. It is circumventing as much doubt as possible.

Indeed having a sense of security provides a perceived solid platform for us to confidently realise and express ourselves.

Consider this observation: life is existence, living is an expression. Then where do we find security in life and living?

Many find security in life through doctrinal-faith and in living through material comfort. It is very natural.

Many seekers get confused in this dichotomy because we tend to approach and understand our experiences in absolute and not relative terms. The issues of finding balance, surrender, letting-go, dispassion and the pantheon of related questions come to haunt us.

So what and where is security?

When we begin to observe what and where security is, notice that our perception of it becomes circumstantial. It is dependent on extraneous factors beyond us. So are we more in control of risk and the unknown? Not necessarily so.

Be mindful of the difference between the perception and observation of security. Take some moments to consider this phenomenon.

Make no mistake that our sense of security in life and living can be found separate from us. Also be acutely aware of the intelligence that gives relevance to it all.

Be cognizant of the being that is experiencing both the sense of security in life and living.

May this understanding allow you to realise the nature of security and in that of knowing the Self.

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