Actions, Rituals and Death

Lotuses at the Datai Langkawi

Have we ever sincerely reflected or attempted to understand Death?

When we take a closer look at Death we would notice that it is effortless.  But the process of getting there is usually burdened with effort.  There is so much fear and resistance generated about Death that its natural expression is often distorted.

Have our preconceived concepts prevented or distorted our impressions of Death?  Why is it commonly associated with pain and suffering which we often express through fear or anger?  Have we ever considered what their sources are?

Until we begin to reflect on ourselves, our minds will be overburdened with focus on action.  Action is a function of the body and an expression of the mind.  But be acutely aware, confused or with clarity, of the intelligence behind all actions and expressions of the mind.

What is this intelligence?

When we experience pain and suffering; is it the intelligence experiencing or just the body and mind?

When we begin to consciously observe our actions, we may notice that it is either an expressive reaction or response.

When we begin to consciously observe our rituals, we may notice that it is an expression of a shared consciousness.

Whenever we experience actions, partake in rituals and survey death; be mindful of the one observing and the underscoring intelligence.

Self-Knowledge provides you with clarity in observation and frees you from fear and anger.

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