Our Mind is Like a Jungle

Mangroves in Langkawi

When thinking of a jungle, we are reminded of diverse plants and wildlife that co-habit a delicate but dense ecosystem.  We may think of untamed wilderness, danger, mystery and even a sense of forbidding.

But have you ever noticed that sense of awe, fascination and excitement when we watch films or documentaries involving the subject?

Have you noticed that our approach to our own Mind bears similar resemblance?

The Mind like the jungle can be untamed, wild and even mysterious.  It can also be disciplined, directed and experienced.

When a jungle is transformed into a garden, it is disciplined, directed and experienced as such.  When a garden turns into a jungle, it is overgrown and unkempt without much discipline and direction.

Appropriate actions are disciplined and directed.  These behaviors are cultivated through experience and practice.  Our actions and behaviors expresses the quality of our energy and the state of our Mind.

Without clarity there can be no steadiness because we are unable to express ourselves correctly.  Without steadiness there can be no comfort in our deliberation to act.

Where does clarity come from?  Self-knowledge: greater self-awareness, understanding our behaviors, motivations, and inspirations brings steadiness to our actions and comfort in our deliberations.

Over several thousand years ago the Great Patañjali in the Yoga Sūtras cognized “stirum sukham asanam” loosely translated as action (posture) be steady and comfortable.

In the great tradition of Patañjali let us be mindful of all our actions and so the state of our very being.  Let our experiences and practices lead us to greater self-awareness.  Let our self-awareness evolve and bring refinement to every thought.  Let our refined thoughts be expressed wholeheartedly in our behaviors and actions.  Let all beings benefit.

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One Response to Our Mind is Like a Jungle

  1. Fred Chan says:

    Are you attending to your jungle to-day?

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