Completing a Message From the Past

Heart on the lawn of the Berliner Dome, Berlin, Germany

God is within you. God is Love. God is everywhere.

Today, this message is resonating deeply from within and has revived a deep-seeded memory from earlier times.

At one time people were secretly burned at the stake for spreading this message of hope and liberation.  It was a dark period where authority overshadowed spirituality.

Today this message is complete:

You are inseparable from God, the Divinity.  You are always and have been a continuous nature of this magnificent creation.  You have never been separated from God, the Divinity, and never will be.  Wake-up!  Wake-up!  See that God is in you and you in God.  Recognize you are the Source.  You are not created, not born, never suffered death.  There has never been any separation.  Wake-up!  Wake-up!  Be free now!

Jai Guru Dev!

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