Knowledge from a Coconut

I am a proud owner of a coconut grater bought in India several years ago.

I recently used it for the first time.

I bought a brown-husked coconut common in the markets of Hong Kong.  Some people call these dried coconuts and are usually the size of a small volleyball.  From experience I know it’s difficult to open.  As opposed to the Indian variety which come in the size of a palm and easily cracked by applying some force.

Well after removing the fibrous husk and close to leveling my entire apartment block because the coconut yielded not to my hammer, it finally did crack open.  After some more effort in extracting I got to use my grater!

The whole adventure took over 40 minutes and yielded four small modest cups of grated coconut.

I’ll buy ready-made from now on. 🙂

Now I really appreciate why my stubbornness is as hard as a coconut. 🙂

So the Knowledge here is: your own stubbornness is not worth the effort.  It will just bring even more frustration.  Just let go of it.  Because stubbornness is readily and easily available elsewhere!

Next time you see a coconut let it remind you to be ready and willing to let go of all situations.

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