A Beautiful Question on Longing for the Divine

Q: What is it Tim do we just yearn for the Divine until we become it (like Guruji)? Until then one just keeps yearning and yearning with breaks in between … and life goes by like this???

A: My Dear,

That yearning you are experiencing is the longing for the Divine. It is Bhakti.

Remember that the Divine has five attributes:

1. Creates

2. Sustains

3. Renews

4. Blesses

5. Hides/Conceals

A Householder relates to the first three attributes of the Divine and experiences the fourth as an explanation. For example, a Householder creates the wealth, then has to sustain and renew it and the cycle repeats itself. For the Householder all these activities are seen as blessings or the lack of it from the Divine.

A Seeker relates more to the fourth attribute. A seeker sees all experiences, good or bad, as blessings from the Divine. All events are happening for the Seeker’s own growth and self-awareness.

A Devotee places importance on the love and longing for the Divine. Like a beloved, the Divine playfully hides. Remember how Rama and Sita, Krishna and Radha, and all the Gods and Goddesses, illustrate the fifth attribute of concealment with varying outcomes and consequences.

What you are recognizing is the subtlest form of the Divine. That longing you have is to remind you of how deeply connected you are to the Divine. It is inseparable. But to recognize the inseparable you need to experience what is separation. Do you see this?

Instead of focusing on the feeling of separation realize instead that there has to be a connection in the first place. Otherwise how would you know what is separation? It is only reminding you of the eternal bond you always have.

All that has happened was a shift in your consciousness without awareness. Am I aware of how I am experiencing the Divine? Am I experiencing the Divine as a Householder? Seeker? Devotee? These are just identities (expressions or forms) for us to relate to the formless (Divine) without having to go to a place of worship or be in the physical presence. But on a deeper level what is that intelligence making sense of all these identities and experiences?

Yes, in some ways the longing keeps going until you go within to observe. Then see who is the one observing. What is this intelligence? And experience Upanishad.

Remember also what the Great Patañjali in the Yoga Sūtras cognized “Stirum Sukham Asanam” – let your posture be steady and comfortable. It is not only in the physical but also our mind where we have to practice this sutra. “Stirum Sukham Asanam” posture in the mind is your state of mind. Steadiness and comfort comes from repeated practice. Recall also “Abhyasa Vairagybyam Tannirodhah” – practice and dispassion frees you from the modulations of the mind.

Jai Guru Dev!

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