Coming to Terms with the Void

Dawn, Fortifications at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

(Continuing on an earlier posting The Void and the Storm – 1 March.)

Our perspective and perceptiveness of the Void deepens with self-awareness.  Even with greater self-awareness the experience is often filled with contradiction and confusion.  Yet it also embodies the deepest mysteries of this universe and creation.

Whether Householder, Seeker or Devotee, we habitually make sense of the Void through our actions, achievements, failures and successes–with or without awareness.

Coming to terms with the Void is an advancing passage that we all meet on our journey of self-discovery.  For the Devotee, it is passing through the ecstasy and agony that come with devotion.  For the Seeker, it is consolidating the confusion and contradiction of union with the totality.  For the Householder, it is realizing that all activities are a source for processing an identity and so responsibility.  Take a moment to consider these phenomena.

So what is coming to terms with the Void?

It is when we end all attempts in making sense of it as well as dropping our understanding of what we have.  It is to courageously pass through agonizing confusion and then experiencing the ecstatic liberation when we are able to recognize the Void while realizing its inherent contradiction.

Pass through this esoteric drama.  Be ready to perceive the fullness in the emptiness and the emptiness in the fullness.  You are then left only with the Void.

Pass courageously through this esoteric drama!

Jai Guru Dev!

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