What is a Master?

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the Art of Living Foundation, affectionately known as 'Guruji'

The Master does not seek to be worshiped or glorified.  He will never demand anything from you and would only ask about your happiness.

He will turn your world upside down.  He will leave you utterly confused.  He will stretch you, pull you, push you until breaking point.  He will also be ready to let you go.  But He would also be with you, ready to catch you, hold you and lead you.

Throughout the journey, the Master is always with you, for He is your reflection.

The more you understand Him, the more you realise yourself.  The more you observe His actions, the more refined your actions.  The more you study His nature, the more you recognise the Divine.  The more you reflect on His knowledge, the more beauty dawns in your life.

Even if this entire creation does not value or accept you, the Master will treasure you as the most precious creation this world will ever see.

Without hesitation, He will take service from you even when no one else does.

He will communicate with you in the most intimate way that only you will know and understand.  With the Master, only heart to heart communication happens and this connection occurs in the deepest depth of silence.

When no one will embrace you, He will welcome you with open arms, uplift you with the highest honour, embrace and hold you so tightly with the intention of never letting you go.

This is my Master.  My Guruji.

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