Life is found in Silence;
Creativity is born out of Silence;
Beauty is caught in Silence;
Sadness is observed in Silence.

Happiness is magnified by Silence;
Clarity arises from Silence;
Meaning is derived through Silence;
Emotions resonates in Silence.

Melody is the rhythm of Silence;
Joy is expressing Silence;
Peace is the root of Silence;
Bliss is the nature of Silence.

Love is the call of Silence;
Knowledge is reflecting on Silence;
Sacredness is glorified in Silence;
Devotion is the fruit of Silence.

Sensibility is seen in Silence;
Sensitivity is experiencing Silence;
Dispassion is the spirit of Silence;
Spirituality is the path of Silence.

Self-awareness radiates in Silence;
Consciousness blossoms in Silence;
Meditation happens in Silence;
Silence is Meditation.

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