Instant Noodles

From an e-mail exchange …

A wrote:  It’s sitting on my “enlightened” desk.  Waitlisted to be read!  Don’t worry you have inscribed on it, so cannot avoid!

B wrote:  Hee hee!  I want to sit on your enlightened desk too!!  Will I get instant Moksha??  Like instant noodles?

A wrote:  Yes, but also it takes effort.  You need to boil water.  So like knowledge is water which should flow, boiling it through experience and tapas, allows you to apply it and satisfy your hunger for liberation!

The Guru provides you readily with the furniture, appliances, utensils, instant noodle and even water.  That is Grace.  All you need to do is have the capacity to contain the water, plug into the energy source and allow the tapas to do its work.  That is effort.  You see the need for sadhana, pranayama and the Sudarshan Kriya?

We also need to just let go and have faith.  When we keep looking at the jug waiting for it to boil it feels like eternity and stirs up frustration.  We keep checking the power source, the jug, and everything we can think of that may influence the process.  This is doubt.  It is a natural phenomenon and an essential one for us to develop crystalline discrimination.

So what to do?  We turn on the jug and leave it.  Likewise on the Path, we turn on the power (sadhana) and move on to let the Grace do its work.  But we still need to put in the effort to allow the Grace to work.  Do you see this?

We often make the mistake from wanting to observe everything and get lost in the object and experience than being aware of the experiencer! This is very important! For the seeker, we need to keep reminding ourselves on what is the nature of things. We need to do this from the perspective of realizing that the objects allow you to recognize the Self. The Self cannot directly see the Self.  Like looking at yourself needs a mirror, meditation is the mirror for the Self.

Wow!  Knowledge from instant noodles!  The Consciousness and Divinity pervades everything even instant noodles!!! Kekekekeke 🙂

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