Needing to Find Balance?

Needing to find balance in Life is a sign of not knowing the Self.

So long as you see perfection, completeness, happiness and the related outside yourself, you will be restless and remain unsettled.

Similarly by thinking you are imperfect, incomplete, unhappy and the related, you will continue to seek for contentment and remain unsatisfied.

Having goals, learning, improving, bettering, are all aspects of growth.  But be ever wary of the driving impulse.

What are the intentions behind my goals and desires?  Do they actually free me from misery or are they only temporary?  Have I truly understood what the nature of misery is?

I am not denying the need to escape poverty and starvation.  Not at all.  In such situations the drive is instinctual survival.

But when we are comfortably secure why are there still uncertainties?  Have you ever observed this phenomenon?  Have you ever noticed that the more security we accumulate the more insecurity we also generate?

It is indeed a very interesting phenomenon to observe.

Whatever it is–will it make you happier?  Will you be happier?  Take some moments to consider this in your own experience.  May this consideration take you closer to the Truth.

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