Aura Rainbow

The expression of Time is taking a position and identity.

Its cognition is becoming aware of the next moment.

Its experience is always away from the Self.

Time measures.

Time is relative.

Time is finite.

What can be measured has beginning and an end.

But realise the one witnessing the continuum.

We perceive Time in the mind and feel its effects through the body.

We can observe Time in meditation.  Observing is transcending.

The recognition of Time leads to attachment, sublimely non-acceptance.  Its realisation leads to dispassion and consolidation brings freedom.

Being that which is beyond Time is liberation.

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2 Responses to Time

  1. Ian says:

    It was all good until I got struck with the online ad in the middle of the page that said “Tahniah! Secara Online di website ini… baucher supermarket TESCO bernilai RM1,000″… Oh well, back to searching for inner peace… Ommm!

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