Change and Energy: Moving Towards the Source

Aura Rainbow

Change can only be recognised by that which is unchanging.  When the unchanging is unaware of its own nature then change can create havoc in the mind.

Many a times we feel that we need to do something to archive or to change.

On the body level every physical activity requires an effort.  Indeed with the body its nature is to be ‘doing’ something.  Even in deep sleep the body continues in metabolic activity.  In order to make or change anything with the body we usually have to apply effort or do something.

Thoughts and feelings work very differently.  You will find the more subtle we get the less effort is actually involved.  Your flow of thoughts continues even when your body remains motionless.  When we dream, our body is motionless but there are mental even emotional activities continuing.

If the flow of thoughts and emotions continue even when the body is motionless then it operates on different principles to the body.  You will find it very difficult to apply effort in the levels of thoughts and feelings.   That is because their nature is effortless.  When you observe the rise and fall of your thoughts and feelings there really is no effort involved.  They seem to arise and disappear like bubbles in carbonated water.  Yet when thinking, concentrating or even waking from dreams we can feel exhausted.

Observe the feeling of exhaustion during these circumstances.  Whenever exhaustion occurs after an activity, we are either resisting or wanting to control our flow of actions, thoughts or emotions.

We need to recognise that underlying all physical, mental or emotional activities is energy.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It can be directed and applied.  It can be transformed.  But it always retains its essence of enlivening.  When one applies this recognition then energy is fundamentally all activities or distortions.  It is either attracted or detracted from a situation resulting in a positive or negative experience.  In other words energy either rises or falls and our behavior and experiences reflect this phenomenon.  Indifference or neutrality is dispassion and it is not an experience but the original state.

What regulates this energy?

Energy needs a form to be expressed.  The body helps conduct and direct energy.  It has a functional purpose.  Our thoughts and emotions are expressions of energy that could also take on physical forms.  These are all expressive aspects of energy.  Then what directs energy?  What is its impulse?

There are a number of influencing factors on how energy is expressed: environment, body, thoughts, feelings and impressions (memory and identity).  But to perceive or witness this there must be something more, some form of intelligence.  What is this?

It is only when the mind is calm and still that such subtle observation can be realised.  Only then can we begin to enquire into what this intelligence is.

When a soft breeze passes over water there is distortion.  To see your reflection it must be calm and still.  Similarly, the most subtle of changes can also create distortion in the Mind.  When the Mind is distorted so too are our judgments and impressions of ourselves and others.  When our Mind is distorted, thoughts are confused, judgments are clouded, decisions are weak and impressions become inaccurate.  The stillness and calmness ones seek is found in Meditation.

The changes and distortions we experience are just expressions of energy influenced by a number of factors.  This recognition will lead you in search of the source.

Take time to consider this observation.  You can neither hurry nor delay its enquiry.  It will take its own time, open but set.  It will be personal but also experienced by all.

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