Behind the Blossoming is Something Far Greater

The attraction of every flowering plant is in its blossoming.

The attraction of every blossom is expressed through the petals.

Yet the petals’ full glory and grace can only be seen and expressed if they stay connected to the stem and roots.

Have you ever noticed cut flowers lose the ability to produce nectar, bear fruits and also need a vessel for support and stability?

A flowering plant is really a complete system.  The blossoming flower is an expression of its inherent beauty and grace.  The stem is the pathway that projects this beautiful expression.  The roots anchor and give stability to the pathway for growth.  Together they produce nectar to help this entire creation and even bearing fruits to satisfy the deepest hunger.  Yet we are habitually attracted only to the blossoming flower.  Have you noticed this phenomenon?

Similarly on the spiritual path we get drawn towards the blossoming of consciousness.

Look into the nature of this blossoming and realise that it is only an expression and outlook.  Its fully realised glory and grace is when it continually produces nectar and fruits to help all.

Enlightenment needs a system for it to happen.

Being able to follow a Guru Parampara, a Holy Tradition of Enlightened Masters reaching back to the Source, is a divine blessing.  It is a continuing spiritual lineage reminding us of its eternal legacy benefiting all creation.

The Great Sri Adi Shankaracharya said that there are only three blessings in Life: human birth, being on the spiritual path and having a living Master.

It is only by having these three blessings that one can recognise in complete fullness and gratitude the glory of the Guru Parampara.

May this observation bring a deeper awareness to the praise of the Guru Parampara.

Jai Guru Dev!

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