The Nature of the Mind, Acceptance and Dispassion

Capilla de la Encarnacion, Catedral de Malaga, Espana (The Chapel of the Incarnation, Malaga Cathedral, Spain)

The Mind cannot express itself without form.  It restlessly attaches itself to most things for the fear of being formless.  The Mind incorrectly believes that it will lose its identity by being expressionless.  Have you noticed how we are always looking for meaning or justification even when there is nothing?  This is only the Mind asserting itself.  When the Mind experiences formlessness it draws from immediate and past impressions to attach itself to a complementing form.  Our sentimentality, preferences and personal nuances are just this very manifestation.  Rebirth is a latent attachment to our past impressions.  Attachment is a habit-forming phenomenon of the Mind.

The Mind falsely identifies self-expression as self-awareness.  Self-expression is a self-centered action-based identity of assertion.  Even if a situation is without action or identity the Mind remains active and unsettled because it still perceives through this identity.

Self-awareness is action-less and identity-less.  It is a state of observation and being.  When one is action-less and identity-less the mind settles and becomes dormant.  This state is only experienced in meditation.

The precursor to self-awareness is the total acceptance of oneself.

Many of us mistakenly identify our selflessness with our readiness to accept.  Look deeply within and see where its source lies.  Does it come from self-centredness?  By denying our own needs before others are we really accepting ourselves?  Do we not continue to search for meaning and justification in our actions?  Do you see this subtlety?  It is a very subtle assertion of the Mind.

When we have totally accepted ourselves the need for meaning or justification fades away.  We move from the desire of being expressive to just being.  This is Dispassion.  It is neither denying nor rejecting, judging nor justifying.  It is just the total acceptance of oneself.

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