Passing Through the Doorway of Separation


A doorway with Moorish and Mediterranean influence, Malaga, Spain

A doorway functions by framing and providing context to an access point.  It serves as a silent commentary when entering or leaving a place.  It can either be the beginning or ending to a journey.

A doorway can be a transitioning point.  It can imprison as well as free.  It can even lead to life or death.

A closed or sealed doorway can conjure up mysteries behind and beyond it.  It can herald and proclaim the space it leads to like the entrances to grand palaces and revered institutions.  A doorway has the power to instill a sense of authority and tradition.

A doorway creates a transitory separation in space while providing context and definition.

Similarly the sense of separation is like a doorway in the Mind.  It helps frame and define a situation.  It also moulds our sense of identity.

Through the feeling of separation we may either be engaged or disengaged in a situation.  We may be propelled to support, make or change the circumstances we experience.

When we are self-centred separation is a driving and transforming force.  When we become self-aware separation is only in name and form.

Notice all our experiences take some form including our thoughts.  Associated with every form is a specific function.  For example a table prompts an image and function in our Mind.  Perception enables us to recognise that form is associated with function.

Taking this further beyond form and function is its intrinsic attribute.

Like a bracelet fashioned from pure gold it will always keep its intrinsic attribute of being gold even if melted.  You can destroy the bracelet (form) but the gold remains (intrinsic attribute).  There is an intrinsic attribute in all forms.  What is this intrinsic attribute?

Separation is only experienced in the senses.  Through observation separation is only a sensory experience, a projection of the mind.  This realisation only happens in meditation.

Separation and connectedness are one and the same.  Separation allows us to appreciate the name and form.  Connectedness is its intrinsic attribute.  It’s just a matter of perception and observation.  Whenever you feel disconnected realise that it is only your perception.  When you observe this perception you realise it is only in name and form.

You remain connected and always will be.

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