The Greatest Show on Earth

“Big Top 2012” Kathryn Hudson Illustrations (used with permission)

Where is ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’?  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus?  No there is even something greater and more enchanting.

Come into the ‘Big Top’ where all the thrilling excitement and show-stopping moments happen.  Where young and old are enthralled with breath-taking wonder and awe.  That ‘Big Top’ experience is your Life and success in living turns out to be just a sideshow alley curiosity.

There are many performances under the Big Top.  You can be a trapeze artist graciously swinging high and low.  An acrobat juggling and moving with effortless dexterity on a tightrope.  A lion-tamer making danger look so manageable.  Maybe a clown making others laugh and cry.  A mahout making the enormous elephant become ever so nimble.  Or charming the crowd with a grand performance in the equestrian routine.  Yet our attention is always captured by the Ringmaster.  Without the Ringmaster there would be no show but only individual performances.

Who is the Ringmaster in your production of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’?

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