Realise that Every Moment is a Divine Blessing

The Divine will bless you with whatever you need.

Over time you will realise it is everything you’ve ever desired.

If you desire luxury nothing surpasses the moments in self-inquiry.

If you desire respect nothing surpasses the strength from selfless perseverance.

If you desire fame nothing surpasses the admiration from selfless-service.

If you desire fortune nothing surpasses the wealth in self-knowledge.

If you desire self-knowledge nothing surpasses the blossoming stemming from misery.

If you desire stability nothing surpasses knowing the nature of change.

If you desire peace and happiness nothing surpasses the calm after the disturbance.

If you desire contentment nothing surpasses devotion.

If you desire wisdom nothing surpasses the lessons from ignorance.

If you desire love nothing surpasses the completeness of self-awareness.

If you desire dispassion nothing surpasses the exhaustion from the ecstasy and agony.

If you desire liberation nothing surpasses the release from bondage.

Whatever you desire the opposite will be experienced to free you.

Realise that every desire creates attachment, fermenting into bondage and binding you to endless impressions.

Realise that every moment is a Divine blessing and be free.

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