The Path and Destination Are Like Cloud Formations

Somewhere over the Malaysian Peninsula

The Path provides direction but who is the one seeking?

The Path supports movement but who is the one moving?

The Path offers stability but who is the one balancing?

The Path serves as a platform but who is the one diving?

We sometimes mistaken the Path as the destination because we get distracted by its solid and uplifting experience which is totally awe-inspiring and empowering.

Recognise that there still is a very subtle although essential veiled separateness regardless of how instructive or insightful the experience. Even our identification with the consciousness can become an experience of identity and separateness. Drop and surrender this experience by offering it back to the consciousness.

When your very nature and existence is complete where and what is the need for proof. How can what is complete prove itself?  It is like looking at your own reflection and asking it to prove itself. We only seek proof for that which we don’t know.

When nearing the source there are remnants of a very subtle although essential veiled experience for self-inquiry. They are like cloud formations, majestic although transient, inspiring yet also striking fear into the ignorant.

The journey on the Path is like an acrobat balancing on a ball. Though there is motion the acrobat remains at the same point continuously. This realisation leads you to that which remains the dynamically unchanging and the cognition of the destination as being just ‘there’.

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