Relationship is a Matter of Faith and Self-Knowledge

Our relationship with our self is often reflected in how we engage with others.  Yet we are mostly unaware of this phenomenon.  When we don’t understand our own thoughts, behaviours and motivations are we better placed to understand others?  We understand ourselves according to our likes and dislikes, filled with emotions and feelings captured by the memory.  We build our identity on this understanding.

Every life has its own direction and experience.  It is not so much as recognising the differences but rather seeing it as a shared similarity and value.  If we are all different doesn’t this become the same phenomenon that everyone shares?  So the perceived difference we have are really commonly shared and appreciation for each person’s uniqueness blossoms.

Many of us are unaware that we treat our relationships like transactions … what I get out of it … what I get in return… what I deserve … what is expected.  This ignorance leads us to misery.  Instead approach ‘relationships’ as being able to engage with any person effectively by looking beyond ones feelings and expectations.  Love often becomes a red-herring in relationships.  In ignorance we understand love to be an emotion when in fact it is our very existence.

As you grow on the spiritual path you will come to realize that pain is inevitable but misery is optional.  Faith and Self-knowledge empowers you to transform your mindset from being a victim or culprit, to courageously taking responsibility for your feelings and emotions thereby stopping the blaming and feeling of helplessness.

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