35,000 feet above the Strait of Malacca

When the chasing stops;

When the demonstrating stops;

When the proving stops;

When the need and want to be stops;

When expectations are dropped;

When sensations are irrelevant;

When scents have no place;

When visualisation is void;

When sounds have no impulse;

When the body is relaxed;

When the breath is in rhythm;

When the mind is still;

When the intellect settles;

When the memory is free;

When the ego is all embracing;

Only then does self-inquiry begin.

When the seeking stops our Being begins.

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One Response to When?

  1. Phoebe S Tang says:

    When is my next meal?

    When is my next all-you-can eat?

    When is my next dance?

    Yet, all that matters is Satang in the next one hour……in the Presence of my Gurudev….

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