Mind and Body

Somewhere over the Malaysian Peninsula

Inherent in action is effort;

Inherent in effort is doership;

Inherent in doership is the illusion of control;

Inherent in control is resistance;

Inherent in resistance is non-acceptance;

Inherent in non-acceptance is ignorance;

Inherent in ignorance is knowledge;

Inherent in knowledge is freedom;

Inherent in freedom is liberation;

Inherent in liberation is consciousness;

In consciousness there is everything;

In everything there is also nothing;

In nothingness there is observation;

Observation gives rise to thoughts;

Thoughts give rise to intentions;

Intentions give rise to perceptions;

Perceptions give rise to attention;

Attention give rise to the senses;

Senses gives rise to actions;

In action there is the body;

In the body there is effort.

Behold the subtle relationship between Body and Mind.

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2 Responses to Mind and Body

  1. Fred Chan says:

    A very good explanation of the Law of Karma and the Body / Mind Relationship. A good set-up for further meditation! Thank you for your explanation and guidiance…

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