The Very Subtle Aspects of Educating

When there is need for justification you have moved away from the Truth.  Needing to prove Knowledge is on a very subtle level saying ‘I am right and you are wrong’.  It is coming from the space of separation.

When we correct be observant of its nature and origin.  Am I correcting because I feel I am right and the other is wrong?  I need to justify my point by proving myself so to disprove the other?  Do you see the separation here?  You may notice that it fuels the separation even further than bringing harmony to either sides or the situation.  There is in fact resistance coming from both sides.  No one ever wins an argument.  Both sides end up feeling frustrated and misunderstood.  What the mind can prove it can also disprove.  In conflict reasoning will lead you nowhere.  It is a very subtle observation.

When someone is in ignorance they are neither right nor wrong.  How can they when they are not even aware of the situation?  When we see a right or wrong it is assuming that we share the same perception or understanding of that particular situation.  Ironically we take the sense of belonging for granted in these situations.  It is a very interesting phenomenon to observe.

When we feel we need to prove ourselves be vigilantly aware of the disguised doubt and insecurities within us.

In Knowledge ignorance is complementary.  Neither is a person right nor wrong in ignorance because their field of perception is only partial.

Realise that someone’s ignorance is a glorification of knowledge and a moment for expanding consciousness.  By all means educate but from the space of compassion and planting the seed of knowledge.  Be vigilantly aware that educating from the space of righteousness leads you to misery because you are fuelling separation.

Educate and then let go.

Educate through compassion not forgiveness.

Educate from being inclusive and not exclusive.

Educate by being, living and sharing.

Educate through respect and acceptance.

Educate filled with humility and grace.

Educate not for the sake of improving but total liberation.

Educate out of unconditional Love.

You can neither hurry nor delay the blossoming of Knowledge and similarly with the fading of ignorance.

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