The Peculiarity Called Misery

What is misery?  It is non-acceptance of the present moment: when you are unwilling to let go of the past or unwilling to welcome the future; when you may be sentimentally reminiscing about the past or feverishly anxious for the future.  Misery can be paralysing.

Whether a novice or seasoned seeker there is always potential for misery and that is alright.

Ironically, misery is veiled by its very questioning.  It firmly takes hold of the mind and delicately weaves a mantle of illusory separation which we mistaken as dispassionate observation.  It is a very interesting phenomenon to recognise.

Our questioning comes from non-acceptance (resistance) and then challenging the situation with “Why?”.  All this arises only from an identity and inherent to this is separation.  This is the root of misery causing the most confusion for the seeker.  It is an extremely subtle observation.

When we are accepting or questioning the situation there is distortion in the mind and this ignorance leads us to separation.  When we reflect on whether I should or shouldn’t accept the situation separation has happened.  Our ignorance of the subtle distortion in our mind has immediately veiled misery.  We are either totally caught up in the moment or disengaged from it.  Isn’t this exactly what happens in misery?

The confusion for many seekers is the attempt to observe and be dispassionate about the situation.  When our starting point is distorted how can we become dispassionate even when applying knowledge?  Do you see this confusion?

The more eager we are to apply knowledge in becoming dispassionate the more agitation is actually created.  The very intention of ‘wanting to’ is stemming from non-acceptance (resistance), an identity, a separation.  Be vigilantly aware of this entrapment!

So when does observation happen?  When you drop the identity by realising you are neither this nor that.

Many a times we only recognise this and confusion happens.  In recognition there is still an identity attached such as “I am neither this nor that”.  There is still a sense of separation.

In realisation there is no separation.  Then how can there be either this or that?  There is also neither this nor that!  Confused?!

Misery is confusion.  Seek clarity through sadhana and when this also fails take to a pillow and sleep. 😀

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2 Responses to The Peculiarity Called Misery

  1. Ram says:

    Read it couple of times Tim .. it shed some light on a spot I was very much looking for!

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