Reflections on Dispassion

Marigolds on display in Pune

Marigolds on display in Pune

Dispassion is neither renunciation nor detachment;

Neither is it void of emotions or senses;

Neither are you robbed of enjoyment or pleasure;

Neither are you free from thoughts or memories;

Neither do you escape pain or death;

Neither do you become blind to suffering or misery;

Neither do you become passionless or expressionless;

Neither do you become dead to this world or the world to you;

Neither is it denying the world;

Neither is it denying yourself.


Dispassion is embracing the totally;

Dispassion is seeing the softness in everything;

Dispassion is like the sentimental innocence past lovers hold for each other;

Dispassion is seeing the colours;

Dispassion is being intoxicated with life but not drunk in living;

Dispassion is freely accepting and welcoming the past, present and future;

Dispassion is freely having thoughts come and go;

Dispassion is compassion;

Dispassion is embracing every moment with gratitude;

Dispassion is unconditional love;

Dispassion is awareness;

Dispassion is having a sense of belonging;

Dispassion is commitment;

Dispassion is enthusiasm;

Dispassion is consciousness;

Dispassion is truth;

Dispassion is bliss.

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