Awakening to Dispassion

Blossoming Lotus at the Kamalaya Koh Samui

Blossoming Lotus at the Kamalaya Koh Samui

Dispassion is the subtlest, sweetest, most beautiful and embracing moment ever. It is liberating. In truth everything is liberating. You are liberated in every thought, movement, action, deliberation, emotion, practically in everything there is.

But what sums up my experience of dispassion is when two lovers who have continued on their own separate journeys but remain as friends meet again. There is this sentimentally filled with innocence that defies all reason; an inner connection that needs no proof or affirmation. It is just there–a complete and unconditional acceptance of the past, present and future; being at total ease on what has happened, is happening and may happen; where thoughts flow freely without entering into a stream or having consequences.

It is a very special and natural moment. Something that clears away all concepts and expectations of what we think dispassion is or should be. It is a most precious moment, a gift.

It is when one realises this life is neither mine nor yours; neither his or hers. This Life is just one: one consciousness, one truth, one love.

Where there is no difference and if there is it is just a reflection. That is it, only a reflection. What is reflected is only a reversed image, an opposite. But it is still your reflection, no one else. Do you see this? There is no difference at all, none whatsoever. Do you see how foolish we have been? Blinded by ignorance. Is it all not meaningless? Yet beautifully filled with meaning also?

The awakening is so gentle, so natural, that it is simply effortless. There is no change, no transformation. There is nothing new at all. It is nothing.

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