Moving Through the Intensity of a Progressing Moment: Where to Begin?

Begin by knowing that you are complete and nothing less.

Should there be any persistent feelings of doubt, know that you are only experiencing the purity of your infinite nature.

How can there be a sense of completeness to that which has no beginning or end?  Do you see how easily we are confused by our feelings?  Our feelings originate from our sense pleasures that are constantly changing.  The body in which they function serve only as a counter of our experiences.

Whether it is pleasing or not, pleasurable or not, it is only reflecting our state of mind.  When our mind is confused or agitated, even the most charming and sweetest moments would lose all relevance and context.  Do you see how our experience is really a reflection of our state of mind?  Similarly, the reality we experience is just a projection of our own mind too.  Take some moments to consider this subtle observation.

We naturally seek for completeness because the mind cannot fathom infinity.  The mind reasons with itself by seeing completeness as a metaphor for infinity.  That which is complete can equally be said to have no beginning or end like a circle.  Do you see this reasoning?

We are inadvertently drawn into situations constantly looking for completion.  This search for completion draws us into the intensity of that progressing moment, where we are usually the most volatile.

Intensity is lined with a very subtle aspect of aggression, arising from the resistance or non-acceptance of that progressing moment.  Even should there be acceptance of that moment, yet intensity still prevails, aggression remains stubbornly hidden.

It is a very interesting and subtle phenomenon to observe.  Moving through the intensity of any progressing moment requires clarity and a settled mind.  It is very much common sense but uncommonly practiced.

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