Living and Life

Seeking ends when you return home.Taken at The Art of Living European Centre in Bad Antogast, Germany.

Seeking ends when you return home.
Taken at The Art of Living European Centre in Bad Antogast, Germany.

We get so caught up in living that we lose sight of life.  By knowing the breath we get to know life.  But seek life not in the breath.  Neither can it be found in the inhalation nor the exhalation.  Our living experiences are found in the inhalation and exhalation, expressed as exhilaration and tediousness.   They are only living memories that point towards life.

Life is between every breath.  It is the ‘in-between’ where there is neither elation nor despair.  Some call it peace; others bliss and even so far as god or consciousness.  Yet when we begin to consider life, we habitually look back reminiscing on what could have been or was, similar to allowing a stirring sunset overshadow a glorious sunrise.  Have you noticed this phenomenon?

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  2. Chris Dale says:

    Hi Tim I thought you might be interested in this quote from Shankara’s Aparokshanaubhuti, if you haven’t seen it before, which is relevant to your thoughts below. Verses 119-120. ‘The negation of the phenomenal world is known as rechaka (breathing out), the thought “I am verily Brahman” is called Puraka (breathing in) and the steadiness of that thought thereafter is called Kumbhaka (restraining the breath). This is the real course of Pranayama for the enlightened, whereas the ignorant only torture the nose.’

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