The Nature of Doubt

Every situation expresses itself like a person, possessing a ‘personality’ or ‘character’, bringing either peace or disturbance through the attitude, behaviour and action it generates.

We learn to appreciate a personality or character by recognising its nature.  Similarly by recognising the nature of a situation, we are more able to appreciate and accept it.

A situation plants the seed of doubt by making you question the present moment.

Doubt fuels and empowers itself by getting you to think about it, temporarily suspending your presence of mind and sending you either to the past or future.

When we cannot approach a situation directly, our mind becomes extremely agitated, thinking that there is something amiss and further provoking doubt.

Doubt is non-acceptance of the present moment and retains power by getting you to question it.  The situation itself is never doubtful because it is happening.  Rather it is our perception of it that sends us into a tailspin.

When we rationalise a situation we may also be disguising our doubt.  Have you ever considered this phenomenon?

Rationalizing is attempting to balance the experience and expression together.  When the experience does not match the expression, we tend to rationalise the moment to save ourselves from further disturbance.  The similarity or difference between experience and expression is expectation and within this is doubt.

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