The Blossoming of Courage

Courage is a quality that is beyond the Mind and blossoms through total surrender.  Yet the mind disguises and distorts courage by attaching doership or great effort to it.  Have you noticed this phenomenon?

The mind creates a separation by attaching great effort on the part of the person–whether physical or mental–into acts of courage.  The very expression ‘acts of courage’ immediately creates a distinction qualifying it only for the few.  It veils the truth on courage which is an inevitable blossoming on the path to self-knowledge.

Being brave and fearless is nothing more than having a sense of belonging to all and everything.  When there is no feeling of separation, what is there to lose?  When there is knowledge, where is the fear of being anything less?

To live life one needs to be courageous.  To make a living one needs to be calculating.  Many a times the mind disguises this distinction and confuses it with change.  We believe by efficiently managing change we live a fulfilling life or have achieved a successful living.  The mind uses this to circumvent you from being courageous, excusing you from pursuing the path of letting go.  One needs courage to recognise and accept that everything is changing.

Our thirst for knowledge comes in two-folds.  The first is knowledge about the world.  Its nature is finite and is usually gained for others to benefit oneself.  Growth here is about improving and becoming the best.  It subtly encourages separation.

The second is knowledge about the Self.  Its nature is infinite and is usually experienced for oneself to benefit others.  Growth here is about pursuing your potential where separation becomes an illusion.

In progressing on the path to self-knowledge it eventually becomes the realisation of the unknown.  Pursuing the path to the unknown is having faith and that is the greatest blossoming of courage.

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5 Responses to The Blossoming of Courage

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  2. Tina says:

    Beautiful post Tim!

  3. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing – courage is a precious thing to have / to be :))) Thanks! 🙂

  4. jfraj4life says:

    Well put. Often, the first step of a lifelong journey is the scariest one. When we transcend the ego and feed our soul instead, we find the courage and realize that we have nothing to lose.

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