The Rhythmic Impulse

22062009138This entire creation is one universal impulse that expands and contracts in rhythmic harmony. It is most noticeable in our thoughts, breath and heartbeat.

The impulse is far from being impulsive. We habitually only see its periphery of outward randomness and often fall short of experiencing its inner rhythmic pulse. The entire creation follows this pulsating rhythm from the cycles seen in nature to the songs of the birds, hum of the bees, and in the melodious voice of an operatic diva. It is also found enshrined in patterns on leaves, branches, foliage and the entire appearance and flow of the natural world. Even in our artificial creations there are patterns and sequences comparable although primitive to ones found in nature. We all follow this rhythmic pulse but often with varying experiences.

Many only encounter the rhythmic pulse at its periphery—where it is like a metronomic frequency—entrapping many in its hypnotic regularity and extremities of its expansion and contraction. The rhythm becomes a technical and intellectual engagement filled with conflict and contradiction. Many mistakenly believe in this encounter as living life with passion and zeal often lost to the charms and lessons of the world.

Some are fortunate to have the inward experience of the rhythmic impulse as vibrations filled with benevolence and a sense of expansion. Although an inward experience it is also beautifully expressed in geometrical shape, patterns and sequences like in cymatics and geology. The rhythmic impulse becomes a creative enthusiasm and heartfelt experience that can sometimes be bewildering. Most people on the Path have this inward experience.

Even fewer are blessed to witness the inner experience of the rhythmic impulse as a resonance—deep, pure and continuous reverberations reflecting non-duality—an absolute and unconditional sense of belonging. This inner and deepest experience of the rhythmic impulse is also that of your very being: Sat-Cit-Ananda (Truth: that which remains unchanging—Consciousness—Bliss). This is the greatest blossoming and opens to all sincere seekers.

Yet without encountering the metronomic frequency there would not be the opportunity to experience the underlying vibrations. Without experiencing the underlying vibrations the resonance itself will remain silent.

The rhythmic impulse is a self-revealing mystery.

Take time to reflect on this very sublime observation.

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