An Observation on Duality

Somewhere high above the Pacific Ocean towards the United States

Somewhere high above the Pacific Ocean towards the United States

The mind has the unique ability to divide itself because it functions in duality. The more fragmented it becomes greater is the stress and frustration experienced. The mind also has the unique ability to rationalise situations and with this it distorts the reality we perceive. When the mind rationalise it is concealing the confusing seed of duality.

Many of us rationalise a fragmented mind with multi-tasking. We habitually see our worldly success with being able to juggle many situations simultaneously, when we are really only efficiently scheduling our tasks. Our actions and thoughts remain by nature sequential. Even in juggling there lies a sequence to actions and events. We perceive in duality.

In duality our divided attention is a fragmented mind that scatters energy. When juggling situations we are mostly unaware of doing the same with our stress and frustration. We are unconsciously fuelling our anger and aggression. A fragmented mind is usually stressed and frustrated becoming angry and aggressive to a situation or person. The greater the stress and frustration the more we want to control a situation and influence the outcome to our liking.

A fragmented mind cannot recall itself without a reference point—an identity. The mind begins to confuse objects with the experience of identity giving rise to possessiveness and sowing the seed of attachment.

A divided mind seeks control of situations for identity. This experience of identity is confused with sense objects and experiences. In this confused state possessiveness and attachment ferments into aggressive ambition.

Duality is like a series of tributaries mistaking its confluence as the source. Similarly a fragmented mind confuses self-identity with an accumulated series of events and experiences.

In meditation the mind becomes consolidated and the qualities of dispassion, non-attachment and moderation become a natural happening. Non-duality can only be realised through meditation.

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