Through a Steel Blade

Blacksmith working hot iron

Blacksmith working hot iron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The quality of a steel blade depends on the rigorous process it undergoes.
Repeated firing and cooling, hammering and polishing, would determine its purity, hardness and durability as an instrument.  Its full potential can only be realized through a skilled and experienced craftsman.

A blade fashioned by a master-craftsman possesses unique qualities that cannot be aggregated.  It outperforms others while possessing a venerated presence that is seemingly invisible but somehow still experienced.  A phenomenon that is often referenced to as the ‘soul’ or ‘passion’ of its creator–the master-craftsman.  Have you ever noticed or heard this before?

In spirituality this is known as grace. Grace cannot be directly observed but is subtly experienced as an ever-present benevolent presence–veiling and unveiling itself through effort and effortlessness.

The master knows precisely what step is required for the blade to breakthrough and transform from its blackened crust. He sees and brings out the purity with every process while the apprentice sees only the impurity being removed. Take some moments to reflect on this observation. This subtle difference is the same relationship shared in recognition and realization.

The rigorous effort of firing and cooling, hammering and polishing, veils all aspects of the master’s involvement.  Only between each process does the object’s glowing and shinning qualities effortlessly comes through to reveal the work of the creator.

The apprentice only recognizes impurity being separated from purity. The master realizes the blade’s inherent purity while facilitating transformation into its highest state.

The mind attaches itself to the negative. It only functions and recognizes separation. The apprentice’s attention is on separating impurity from purity. Breaking through every process becomes an intensive effort. Transformation can only take place when the mind dissolves.

The master only sees purity no matter how many processes are repeated. When only seeing purity where is the effort involved? Transformation can only be brought about through the master’s patience and skill. It is all grace.

When we begin to observe master-craftsmen we would only see the embodiment of a living tradition.

Likewise in spirituality blessed are those who are part of a living Holy Tradition.

Jai Guru Dev!

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One Response to Through a Steel Blade

  1. koltesagar says:

    Focus on the positive qualities in others and they will blossom in you.
    -Sri Sri

    Thanks for the wonderful three days!

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