The Non-Experience of God

Aura Rainbow, Kuching, Malaysia

Aura Rainbow, Kuching, Malaysia

Have you ever questioned the authority of God? It may be an unsettling thought.

When we question what seems to be the unquestionable there arises a sense of rebellion leading to feelings of subversion, frustration, anger and guilt. All unsettling symptoms of non-acceptance.  When we look into this it is the same struggle that exists when we have no clarity on a situation.

When we have no clarity on God we struggle to question the unquestionable.

Having clarity on God can only arise when we earnestly reflect on God. It is having the courage to dive deeply into every aspect of God with sincerity.

Yet how can we even begin to reflect on God when we are unclear about ourselves? Do you see this confusion?

God is an essential part of religion.  God is common to all religion.  Yet we commonly refer to God in the possessive singular. Even in a pantheon full of gods there remains an absolute.  If God is singular and common in every religion is it not possible that God is universal?  Notice the subtle resistance arising in considering a universal God.

We all lay claim to God without a second thought.  Yet have we really stopped for a moment to consider who God is?

Without God there will be no religion. Without religion there is still God.

Yet we readily and conveniently engage God through religion without question and then stop.

Our experience of God is highly personal. The infinite can only be made known through the finite but equally cannot be limited to just one expression. How can it?

I am not questioning the relevance of religion. Religion is an important journey on the Path of Truth.  But it is not the destination–getting to know and experience God is.

The non-experience of God is exactly what happens when we stop. What do we stop at? When we do not dive into the inquiry of the Truth.

What is this Truth? It is a journey that begins with the question “Who Am I” evolving into “Who is God?” and blossoming into “What is this?”

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One Response to The Non-Experience of God

  1. Michelle Sneddon says:

    I have thought most of these thoughts recently. Where you have said that without God there would be no religion, I often think of how man has made religion an excuse to do what pleases them.
    Religion also shrinks God into a box which people can comprehend. Good piece of writing Tim.
    I’ll be passing it on to my Bible study group.

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