Pride and the Inward Journey

How does one deal with pride and go inwards?

By becoming aware of one’s pride a shift begins. What is this shift? The awareness of being exclusive and not inclusive. The very thought of wanting to drop pride takes you inwards.

In asking this question there is also self-doubt. On the Path of Self-Discovery there will always be doubt revolving around: yourself, practices that uplifts your sensitivity, and the teacher or source that is guiding you into sensitivity.

Doubt is to ensure that any modulations in perceptions are fully experienced and understood. Having total understanding and clarity of yourself allows you to serve others wholeheartedly.

In service we often unknowingly come from the space of exclusivity–being in a higher position through gender, age, status, or knowledge to serve.  This difference which drives us to act is sometimes mistakenly called compassion or duty.

So by knowing what inclusiveness is will support you from observing pride and going inwards.

How to do this? Forgive. Forgive others and yourself for being part of the event whether knowingly or unknowingly. Otherwise we get entrapped in either victim or culprit mindsets leading to further separation. Do you see this?

Then be sincere about forgiving. Many a times we act and not be forgiving. What is being forgiving? Total acceptance of yourself and everything else good or bad whether it is to do with you, situations or people. But it doesn’t excuse you from not taking positive actions.

Then be contented. Whatever is happening is just to show your completeness as an individual. Look back and just see every event has left you untouched deep within. There remains a purity and innocence in you.

When you practice forgiveness and sincerity, compassion will naturally arise. There is no effort in being compassionate because it is your very nature. The effort only arises from letting go of baggage that saddles you down.

Finally recognise that everything is changing. Today is not the same as yesterday. Tomorrow will be different from today. Be totally responsible for all your actions and emotions every moment.  You can only do this by being in the present and having presence of Mind.

Many a times we focus only in changing behaviour. But when the source of this behaviour is unclear and confused its actions will also be the same.

Pride if checked with sincerity is a good thing. But often without sincerity it gets distorted into conceit and stubbornness. Tell me is there room for acceptance and positive change then?

So just by asking about pride you are already taking a sincere step that will positively transform you and others.

Understand what pride is too. Pride is ignorant attachment to good qualities that is appreciated and recognised by others. When we become obsessive about our pride it gives rise to jealously, greed, envy, fear, hatred, sorrow and anger. But pride is also a divine quality. It is a gift from the divine. Remember this and the space of gratitude will grow. But don’t think it is only exclusive to you. The divine is generous and inclusive.

You are indeed uniquely special in this entire creation.  So too is everyone else in this beautiful creation we call Life.

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