Hard Lessons

The Mind is not a mystery. It hides behind a thinly disguised veil of ignorance. Its deceptively powerful hold quickly unravels itself like a loose web through persistent self-enquiry.

In the process of self-enquiry we discover a labyrinth in every layer of our existence. As we dive deeper we will also unknowingly weave our own. These are the deceptions of the Mind. Just like fantastical sunsets we see ripple across the horizon, these labyrinth-like patterns are merely transient creases in our consciousness.

Sometimes to unravel or break these patterns a hard lesson is required.The Master in His Infinite Wisdom will create the lessons to demonstrate to the Devotee the illusions that has entrapped him.

The Devotee will experience deep fear. But the Master will accompany the Devotee. Taking every care and patience to ensure the Devotee will awaken from the illusion.

The hard lesson administered only destroys the entrapping illusion. But in actuality He is uplifting and glorifying the faith and steadfastness of the Devotee.

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