The Instance and the Impending

The Master doesn’t need you to let go of anything. Yet we form an unfounded expectation that freedom only comes from letting go. Is it not possible that every experience has a destiny and will end accordingly?

Too often we are burdened by the thought of having to let go. We feel we have to do things or loose things in order to gain something better. Do you see this confusion?

It becomes a game where there is inevitably an opponent. And too often we are blinded from realising that the opponent is really only ourselves.

Our own ‘acts’ of letting go is burdened with the idea of having to do something. Even the resolve not to do anything is burdened with thoughts.

We often confuse the instance or immediate with the impending or gradual–the inevitable change that consumes all creation. We attach obsessively to the immediate and fall helplessly into the past by hanging on to it.

Consequently our relationship with the Master is often exaggerated because of this confusion.

When reflecting on every experience with the Master you’ll soon discover one consistency: every instance is to take you inwards.

Yet we all hang onto that instance. Whether it is a glance or any other acknowledgement from the Master, we obsessively hang-on to it. In doing so we ferment our obsession into a sense of exclusivity and ignorantly chase this experience.

We become blindsided to the inward journey and get stuck on the trigger-point–that instance railroading us unconsciously into spiritual superficiality.

We judge every experience with the Master based on that instance and loose sight of the impending gradual change or happening circumstances. We get confused and are unable to recognise the connection.  This ignorance brings misery.

Every experience with the Master triggers an inward journey. It is for you to realise the peace you seek is essentially finding the harmony within. What is this harmony?

The ability to balance the instance with the ever changing situation or circumstances.

It is realising that the connection is transcendent although the situations we find ourselves in can be separating. The pain of separation is only Bhakti. For the spiritually courageous it is a trigger point for the inward discovery of the true Self.

In doing so you’ll soon discover the blossoming experience and wonder of inner harmony. The effortless balance of experiencing instance and happenings together.

You’ll see how the Master creates every instances for you to go inwards and explore the Truth: all experiences come from you.

When you realise this then every situation is an opportunity to experience the unconditional love of the divinity. And seeing the vehicle that gave you that experience also has a destiny. It will evolve.

The Master will never forsaken nor abandon you. No matter how painful the experience or lesson becomes. All instances takes you to the core of your existence where the Truth resides. You remain forever pure, connected and blissful.

It is seeing the relationship you have with yourself and a very subtle observation.

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